How to install TVKIK?

  1. Connect HDMI cable to your TV and plug TVKIK in HDMI connector. Make sure that TVKIK is properly plugged in HDMI.
  2. Plug in Micro USB power supply to TVKIK power port. If your TV provides 5V 1A of current through its USB port you can power TVKIK using TV USB port also.
  3. on TV select the HDMI output on which TVKIK is connected. And there you go!
  4. You can refer to TVKIK manual for installation steps.

How to power TVKIK?

  1. You supply power using power adapter provided in the package or
  2. Using your mobile charger or
  3. From TV USB port, you just need make sure that power supply should be rated 5V 1A

How to share picture or music or Video from my smartphone?

  1. Install any DLNA app on your phone (Bubble UPnP etc.)
  2. Switch ON TVKIK and open DLNA app on phone
  3. In App, Select picture or music or Video and select share
  4. While sharing you can see TVKIK as available option for sharing.
  5. Select TVKIK for sharing and voila your media starts playing on your TV

How to connect to Internet?

You can connect to Wi-Fi router at your home by goiing to Settings > Wi-Fi. Additionally, you can use LA-to-USB connector to directly connect LAN cable to your TVKIK.

For best speed of Internet your Wi-Fi router should not be very far from TVKIK especially if you want to access lot of streaming videos from internet.

How to connect USB or other devices to TVKIK?

You can connect your pendrive or External Hard drive directly to TVKIK on the given USB port or OTG port using OTG to USB adpater included in package. If you are connecting external hard-drive make sure that power supply is ample to TVKIK (i.e. 5V 1A, recommended to use external power supply)

There is screen flickering when I turn on TVKIK?

Don’t worry, check that TVKIK is properly connected to HDMI cable.Try to disconnect and re-connect the TVKIK tightly into the HDMI to see if problem is resolved.

How to install apps on TVKIK?

  1. On TVKIK log in using your Google account
  2. After you are logged in, launch Google play store.
  3. From Google Play Store, choose and download your favorite apps as you would do on your phone or tablet.
  4. If you have Google account same as your smartphone, your smartphone apps will automatically sync to TVKIK.

What are other options to install Apps?

  1. You can additionally download APKs and install on TVKIK.
  2. For example, you can backup your Android phone apps using App backup & resotre
  3. Copy the APK files to USB drive and connect to TVKIK.
  4. Open USB explorer on TVKIK and click on APK file and follow instructions to install the app.

I have APKs how can I install them?

  1. You can copy the APKs to a pen drive or SD card.
  2. Then insert the drive to TVKIK.
  3. Open USB/SD card explorer and click on APK
  4. Follow instructions to install the apps.

What are recommended apps for TVKIK?

Please visit our page Recommended Apps (available soon) to find out what are the best apps to enjoy the full power of TVKIK.

How can I use my smartphone as remote control?

Download our remote control app (coming soon) from Google store or download its APK from our website. Install it on your phone and control your TV from your phone.

How to play motion sensing games on TVKIK?

Install our remote control app on your smartphone. Then you can play motion sensing games like Temple Run on TVKIK.

How to play music on TVKIK?

You can copy your favorite songs to USB or SD card or internal memory of TVKIK. Use default Music player or player of your choice to play the music.

I don't have Wi-Fi, how to surf Internet on TVKIK?

You can use LAN-to-USB connector to connect your LAN cable to TVKIK. Once connected goto Settings > Ethernet and enable it. Once it is enabled, you can surf internet just using LAN cbale on TVKIK. You can also make your TVKIK as Wi-Fi router after it is connected to ethernet.

How can I use TVKIK as Wi-Fi router?

TVKIK can act as Wi-Fi router as well. Just use LAN-to-USB connector to connect your LAN cable to TVKIK. Goto Settings > Hotspot and activate hotspot. When hotspot is activated your TVKIK will also act as Wi-Fi router.

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